The Apricot Jammin

Even though the Internet is full of bloggers that share their knowledge regarding cocktail and spirits, you might also like to watch how cocktails are being prepared. A great source for watching bartending and cocktail making videos is Youtube. *WARNING* Some videos on Youtube are hosted by so called “bartenders” that think they know how to make the cocktail that you are looking for.  If, for example, a video is showing you how to make a Gin & Tonic and instead of Tonic, the bartender uses seltzer water or the bartender decides to pick his/her nose in the middle of the video, you might want to disregard that video and that Youtube user, lets say… FOREVER!!! Now, if you are watching a video where the bartender is a great mixologist, such as Tony Abou-Ganim, Dale Degroff or Jamie Boudreau (just to name a few), you are sure to receive a great instructional video on making the cocktail of your choice.

About 3 months ago, as I searched the word “cocktails” in Youtube, I stumbled upon a cocktail that I could have never have imagined and it wasn’t until a few days ago that I decided to give this cocktail a sample. This cocktail is prepared by none other that the great bartender and flair master, Dean Serneels. What do I mean by saying that I could have never imagined this cocktail? Well, when one of the ingredients for the cocktail is vanilla bean smoke, you could have said the same thing I did. Along side the vanilla bean smoke, the Apricot Jammin asks for apricot jam, Jack Daniel’s, apricot brandy, simple syrup and lemon juice.

Apricot Jammin

1 tsp. Apricot Jam

1 oz. Jack Daniels

.5 oz. Apricot Brandy

1 oz. Simple Syrup

1 oz. Lemon Juice

Vanilla Bean Smoke

Procedure: Inside your boston shaker, place the apricot jam, Jack Daniels, Apricot brandy, simple syrup and lemon juice. With a barspon, disolve the jam and incorporate it with the rest of the ingredients. After you have dissolved the jam, shake the ingredients with ice until you see frost on the outside of your boston shaker. With a torch lighter, burn the tip of a vanilla bean. On a surface top place your glass part of your boston shaker upside down and place the smoking vanilla bean inside of it. Let the smoke coat the inside of the glass for about 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds have passed, grab your boston shaker tin and shake all the ingredients again with the vanilla bean smoke. After shaking, double strain the cocktail into a rocks glass with ice and garnish with a thin lemon wafer.

When you smell this cocktail at first, you are going to immediately smell that beautiful, sweet vanilla aroma. When you get to have your first sip of the cocktail, prepare to be confused. At first, you are going to taste that sweet and delicious apricot, which has been perfectly paired with the toastiness of the Jack Daniels. Then, when you swallow the drink, you get that sweet, vanilla smoke taste at the back of your tongue. A sweet and smoky cocktail for your enjoyment.

2 Responses to The Apricot Jammin

  1. I am honoured to get a cool mention like this. I am glad you enjoyed the drink.

    Bottoms up
    Dean Serneels

  2. parispan3 says:

    Who would have thought of pairing apricots and Jack daniels? And,yet I can imagine ‘The trio’ of apricot,smoky JackDaniel’s and essense of vanilla,flowing smoothly down your throat.Another delightful entry!

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